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Norm Beddows
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Chelsea Nixon
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If you are calling from a US/Can phone

To Mexican Land line: +52 & AreaCode & PhoneNumber
ex: +52-xxx-xxx-xxxx.
To Mexican Cell Phone: +52 & 1 & AreaCode & Phone Number
ex: +52-1-612-228-9321

NOTE: The + sign replaces the international dialing codes of 011 in the U.S. and 00 in Mexico
which allows the programmed numbers to work seamlessly on both sides of the border.
The plus sign (+) is normally programmed by holding down the Zero key for a second.

Dialing Within Mexico

Dial a Local Landline: 7 Digit Phone Number Only
Dial a Long Distance Landline Number within Mexico: 01 & Area Code & 7 Digit Phone Number
Dial a Local Cell Phone Number: 044 & Area Code & Phone Number

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Baja Kite and Surf

Main Campground  La Ventana,  Baja California Sur  23232 

Phone: 612-155-5775,