Kiteboarding & Wind Wing Lessons

Baja Kite and Surf offers private kite boarding and wind wing lessons for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. Lessons commence at either 11 am or 2 pm (wind dependent). We take pride in developing proficient, independent riders and to reach this level it often requires more than a 1 -day of lessons. It takes time to master all the aspects of the sport; flying the kite and riding on a board could require 2 -3 days of lessons.

Introductory/ Beginner

(3 Hours)

 $250 USD


(3 Hours)

 $250 USD

Becoming a Kite boarder

(3 Hours)

$250 USD

Advanced Lessons

(3 Hours)

$200 USD

Introductory/ Beginner (3 Hours) -$250 USD-

Want to get wet on your fist day flying? No Problem! Our Introductory lesson includes Land Based instruction to Kite control/ wind theory and the components needed to enjoy a safe kite flying experience. As soon as we build you confidence up on the beach, we would love to take you out into the open water for some tandem body dragging fun. Our qualified instructors will be with you as you feel the power of the kite on your very first day!

Intermediate (3 Hours) -$250 USD-

Kite, Kite, Kite! On our second day flying we focus majorly on kite control. There are two main components in Kite boarding and those are; Kite Control and Board Riding. On the second day we want to hone in your kite skills so you become a master at the flying techniques necessary to help your progression along in the safest most efficient manner. Assisted down winders with radio helmets and safety equipment gives you quality one-on-one instruction and allow maximum water time to progress you to the board riding stage as quickly as possible.

Becoming a Kite boarder (3 Hours) -$250 USD-

You made it! Now that you've mastered the skills of flying the kite, its time to get you up and riding and enjoying the freedom of flying over the water as and independent Kite Boarder! In this third lesson we focus on board skills and riding techniques to get you feeling confident and controlled so you can get out on the water yourself and enjoy thrill of the sport as an independent rider! A 3 mile assisted down winder with all the equipment necessary gives you maximum riding time to dial in the skills you need to get up and ride with the best!

Advanced Lessons/ Ride Along Downwinders (3 Hours) -$200 USD-

Already know how to ride? Want to take your take your riding skills to the next level? We offer advanced lessons and ride along down winders for those in the sport looking for some tips and tricks to progress their kiting skills. Our dedicated, experienced staff can ride along with you down the beautiful bay of La Ventana while giving you helpful pointers using two way radio helmets.

Progression levels vary from rider to rider, so keep in mind we are out there to have fun, stay safe, and enjoy the thrills in which this sport has to offer.

Wind Wing Lessons (3 hours) -$250 USD-

Want to learn one of the newest wind sports on the market? We can help you with that! Wind Winging is a brand new water/ wind sport that has been taking off globally. It is fun and user friendly for all ages. Learning how to manage a Wind Wing can scratch any of your foiling or surfing itches by playing with this new light weight, hand held wing to tow you around the water on light wind days or help you catch any size of swell you might desire. 

Come join the craze, continue expanding your water progressions and see what it's all about!

Equipment Rentals (Prices Vary- Inquire via email)

If your an avid traveler and have bounced around from destination to destination we understand carrying all your toys around with you can be a bit of a drag. That is why we offer equipment rentals to Independent Riders for when you arrive to try and help suite all your water needs.

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